Wallpaper Removal

If you are tired of looking at that old outdated wallpaper, we have the solution.

Remove the Wallpaper..

Removing your wallpaper takes a specialized skill that requires a professional. When removing wallpaper it is important that one does not damage the walls in the removal process. Damaging the wall can cost you hundreds of extra dollars in drywall repairs. We at Haas & Company painting are experts at wallpaper removal and ensure the job will be done right the first time. We will give you a total price before the work is done so you know exactly how much it will cost. No hidden extra fees will be added.

Give us a call if you are ready to have remove that old wallpaper and turn your room into the space you know it can be!

If you live in the Newburgh, Evansville Tri-state area give Haas & Company Painting a call and we will be happy to help with any of your painting needs.